Designing an open plan kitchen perfect for entertaining

Moretti Blog   •   July, 2021

Luxury garden with waterfall, lights and wooden stairs

During the days of the COVID-19 lockdowns, sometimes it was hard to imagine spending time with family and friends again. The very idea of entertaining seemed alien. We shut ourselves away and waited for better times. Happily, those times have now arrived, and once again we are able to gather together and socialise. This means that there has never been a better time to reassess your home. So, you can now think hard about how to really entertain in style.

Evaluating what still works – and what could be improved – is the best starting point for any luxury interiors refurbishment. After all, our needs don’t stay the same throughout our lives. Families grow larger, children get older and they leave home and come back. However, all of this affects what your living space needs to accommodate. At the heart of your home, your kitchen is the room that works the hardest. And, these days, it usually fulfils a number of different roles. So, as we all enter a new phase of ‘life after lockdown’, is yours ready for a revamp? Read on to discover the many advantages of modern, open-plan kitchens:

Unrivalled versatility

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of open-plan kitchens is the notion of space. If you’re keen for your home to look and feel bigger and brighter, an open-plan layout is hard to beat. Removing dividing walls, and opening up smaller, separate rooms, can be totally transformative. Without such restrictions, a large, spacious open-plan kitchen then becomes much more than just a place to cook. Unnecessary walls obstruct light, sound, sight and flow. The best open-plan designs manage to make the different areas within a space look separate but seamless. The right layout is key, of course, as is lighting, colour, texture and materials.