How to integrate TV in rooms

Moretti Blog   •   July 18, 2018

How to integrate TV in rooms

Are you thinking to redesign your living area or your bedrooms?
Where would you place your television? Does this integrate well in the room?
Nowadays televisions have become an integral part of life experience and they have a big role in most of family everyday life.
People gather around them to be entertained by comedies, movies, sports event or sometimes TV is used to keep us company while doing other tasks.

But how to integrate TV into rooms without spoil the design that you’ve so carefully created?

Here some inspiring ideas on how to integrate TV in rooms, keeping in mind that it is important to choose also the option that goes well with the style of your home.

Design a Bespoke Media Unit

media room bespoke joinery

Create and design a media unit to integrate the TV. A bespoke media unit will be created based on your needs and your habits and will have all the space you need to enjoy the relaxing time watching TV.
The TV could be placed on the wall, right in plain sight or stand on top of a cabinet. Either way, the TV won’t be the focal point, but it will become part of a bigger interesting point.
TV will be built right into the wall unit to nearly disappear where switched off and will be only an element of the more interesting wall unit.

Hide it away