How to make a small space feel larger

Moretti Blog   •   May 02, 2018


There are a few elements to consider when designing your flat, especially when this is quite small in space.
The less space you have in a room the most smarter solutions are needed to help to live and enjoy your home without feeling the smallness of the space.
Small spaces require a good space planning with the right choice of colours and furniture.
So how to make a small space feel larger without wishing to knock down some walls?
Here a few tricks and tips that will help you to decorate your little piece of pace.

Keep the space free

A very important point is to keep the space free. Do not add too much furniture pieces into a small space as you could have as result a home that feels cramped or crowded.
When buying the new furniture focus on investing in few pieces that have a purpose and personality, go for one or two larger pieces of furniture rather than multiple pieced that will create a packed and smaller interior.
The motto less is more in a small area becomes the essential guideline.
When possible try to pull the furniture away even just a few centimeters from the wall, it will create the illusion of spaciousness and will make space look more open.
Choose multi-functional furniture (storage bed, extendable dining table or a lift top coffee table, etc.) or foldaway furniture to use when you need it.

How to make a small space feel larger

Think vertically

When space around is not enough for your needs try to use all the space vertically.
A wall-mounted bookshelf or cupboard to the ceiling, for example, will help with the storage need and are a good solution to use to make the most of the space.
Bespoke storage solution can be applied to any interior and can adapt to the irregularity of the space when present, so the shape of the room won’t be a restriction of creativity.
Maximise vertical space also in the kitchen by installing units that reach the ceiling dividing the inside as you prefer.
Smart shelving or bespoke units like these will draw the eyes up to the ceiling and will give the illusion that this is taller than it actually is.

But what happened if you have a low ceiling?

Trick the eye with these: add largely patterned or colorful rug that will make the ceiling look taller or use low furniture that will give the impression of more space below them.

How to make a small space feel larger

Make the most of the light

When possible make the most of the natural light. Keep windows free from furniture or obstacles and use light fabric for curtains or blinds.
Natural light will open up space.
Glass or transparent furniture surfaces can also help to achieve this feeling.
Mirrors as well are excellent space amplifier reflecting the natural light you have and creating more, expanding the feel of the space.
If you have a balcony turn it into an extension of the closest room by following the same colour scheme and the same style.

How to make a small space feel larger

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