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Welcome to the Moretti Interior Design Blog. Our blog aims to help educate and inspire you about the interior design world and the many aspects of our work and expertise. We aim to bring you the very latest trends, keeping you up to date with new products that come onto the market, plus all the topics and facts and “behind the scenes” insight from our business. Moretti Interior Design will inspire you with Design and Colour.

How to design your entrance

Many people think that when designing a home the first room to start with will be the kitchen or the living area. Well, I actually start from the entrance, as this is what will set up the whole theme of your house. Is the first and last thing that people see when entering and leaving your home...

Interior Trends 2019

As soon as the new year has kicked in, the most asked question I have had was about the interior trends 2019. So here it goes, let's get 2 birds with one stone and let me tell you what I think we will see this year...

How to design your home using your senses

Feed the senses with design: I have put in place the process of Bio-Design because I believe that designing a home should take in consideration so many different factors. The way we do this is adding different layers of elements that can evoke a particular emotion or memory. So let’s see how we can stimulate our senses with the design!

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