Luxury flat in Nine Elms, Battersea

Moretti Interior Design delivered a luxury interior design at a new development flat in the increasingly popular Nine Elms area of Battersea.

Why the client chose us

Our client appreciated the fact that we took time to get to know and understand them. That meant we would be able to create a design for their new home that reflected their personality.

It also ensured that we could come up with a broad initial proposal that included not only a colour scheme but also a lighting design and bespoke items of furniture.

What the client wanted

Their aspiration was to take delivery of a newly developed flat that was redesigned to an extremely high standard.

They also wanted a design that would feel like home straight away because it was completely in tune with the personality of the occupants.

How we meet clients’ aspirations

At Moretti Interior Design, we believe it is essential that any home we create should be an expression of the lifestyle and values of the people who live there.

This ensures a far more comfortable and positive experience for our clients once they move into their property and spend time there with those close to them.

At the heart of our philosophy is an understanding that we need to listen closely and carefully to our clients’ needs.

Only after we have done that is it appropriate for us to apply our creativity, insight and extensive experience in a way that creates a home that works perfectly for them.

What we created

Nine Elms is an area that has undergone rapid gentrification in recent decades. Several exclusive housing developments have been opened in desirable locations close to the south bank of the river Thames.

The upward progress of the area was enhanced by the relocation of the new US Embassy there in January 2018, with the Dutch set to follow them and the Chinese rumoured to be following suit.

Our client had purchased a new development flat with commanding views of the local area and wanted to live in a new home with a stylish and classy luxury interior design.

At Moretti Interior Design, we believe it is essential to include the lighting design for your interiors into account from the start of the creative process – as we did in this case.

We also use colour psychology to ensure that the look and feel of each room is perfectly suited both to the character of the people who will inhabit it and the function of the room in question.

In this instance, our client wanted a contemporary style with a hint of the 1960s and 1970s.

To complement this process, we designed several bespoke items for the client. That included the wallpaper, headboard, rugs, the TV unit and office chair.

That ensured the client could move smoothly into a new home with an interior design that epitomised their individual taste and style.

That process was exemplified by a room that we created where the interior design reflected the client’s love of travel. We came up with an explorer theme, crowned by a stunning map of the world that filled a whole wall of the room.

What the client said

The client was extremely pleased with the result of our interior design work.

They appreciated the care and time we took to understand precisely what their aspirations were and the way in which the finished design reflected their personality so creatively.

We can make your design dreams come true

At Moretti Interior Design, we take pride in the way we get close to our clients so that we can deliver interiors that really work for them.

We will be happy to meet you and start the process of discovering how we can work together and create a design that fits perfectly with you and your lifestyle.

Please get in touch with us today so that we can begin that conversation.

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