Kensington Family Home

Why the client chose us

We offered a very detailed assessment of all the design elements required in the preparation of their new London home.

We analysed the psychology of our client and their family to inform the design of the home we proposed to deliver.

What the client wanted

To move into a house in a desirable part of West London that was modernised and redesigned to a very high standard in a way that reflected the personalities of their family.

We were commissioned to deliver a turnkey service, which ensured the client could arrive in the UK and move straight into their new base with the minimum fuss and disruption.

How we meet clients’ aspirations

At Moretti Interior Design, we believe it is essential that any home we create should reflect and epitomise the lifestyle and values of the people who live there.

This ensures a far more comfortable and positive experience for our clients once they move into their redesigned property and spend time there with the people close to them.

We listen to our customers’ requirements, spend time getting to know them so we understand their psychology and lifestyle, then apply our creativity and long experience so that we deliver a home that really works for them.

What we created

We designed all the bespoke joinery and lighting effects and created a bespoke Arabic sofa for all the family to enjoy.

We also devised a colour scheme for each room that was suited specifically to the person or people who would be living in it.

This included all six bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, and four living areas.

The client wanted to feel close to nature, so we used plenty of plants throughout the property to achieve that wish.

At every stage of the redesign, we co-ordinated closely with the client to ensure they were kept informed about our progress and the plans we were putting into action.

When all the design work was completed and the client and their family were on their way to London to move into their new home, we applied the finishing touches.

Contemporary lounge with grey and green color in Kensington

We can make your design dreams come true

At Moretti Interior Design, we are proud of our ability to work closely with our clients and understand their aspirations and values so that we can design and deliver a living space that works for them.

We will be happy to meet you and discuss how together we can create a design that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Please get in touch with us today to start the conversation.

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