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Sustainable design in the bathroom

Our creative director Cinzia Moretti discusses the importance of sustainable design in the luxury bathroom & how to successfully achieve this

Why choose a non-toxic wall paint

One of the first step when designing a colour scheme for a room is to define the colour that the wall paint will be. There is a big variety of company that sells wall paint so we know how the client can be overwhelmed by it, how can be difficult to choose the right colour and the right supplier. Setting aside the selection of the colour for a moment we will explain how to choose a wall paint responsibly and why to choose a non-toxic wall paint.

Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Furniture

Not so long ago, traditional furniture was built to last and be passed on through generations. Today, however, the trend has turned to low-cost, mass-produced furniture that’s built to be replaced. When unsustainable, toxic, and non-biodegradable materials are used to make this short-lived furniture, it’s incredibly damaging to the environment...

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