High Street Kensington Apartment

Full furnishing, decoration and key joinery pieces

This sleek and sophisticated interior scheme perfectly reflects the prestigious environs of High Street Kensington, the location of this beautiful penthouse. We were commissioned to undertake a renovation that comprised new interior architecture, full interior design and a thorough lighting overhaul to evoke a luxurious and inviting ambience.

The clients’ personalities and usage of the apartment was carefully considered before embarking on the scheme. A bold, masculine aesthetic was evoked by adhering to a defined, mostly monochromatic colour palette – there is harmonious synergy between the hues of dramatic dark greys, soft muted greys and clean whites, with pops of dark blue interspersed. The curated colour palette evokes a cohesive flow throughout the serene interior. We elicited additional interest with a fusion of varied textures including exquisitely veined marble, luxurious leather, smooth ceramic and chocolate brown grained woods. Clean lines are celebrated throughout with a statement glass staircase and balustrades, as well as sculptural details. The wow factor was induced in the entrance with a standout interior garden under the stairs for an unexpected biophilic element.

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