Interior lighting design

“Lighting is everything… It creates atmosphere, drama and intrigue in a room.”

Martin Lawrence

Lighting design service

Creating the perfect space is not just about the layout and furniture – Having the right indoor lighting design is key to delivering the perfect atmosphere for your living space. We take the lighting design for your home interiors into account from the very start of the creative process. Whether you want a room to be a productive space or a place to relax, from the initial concept stage we incorporate the lighting into our design work on every single project we undertake.

Merging the two processes is a perfect combination that makes a huge difference to the finished design and saves our clients plenty of time and money along the way too.

Many of our clients have told us that visitors to their redesigned homes compliment the lighting because it has been so carefully designed to enhance the overall creation. Whether you want to highlight the architectural features of your house, display your favourite pictures or simply create the right lighting design in your living room to create an atmosphere, we incorporate that desire at every stage of our work.

Lighting design projects

This family from West London wanted to increase the amount of natural light in this living space, so that it was bright, elegant and functional.

For this Chiswick family home renovation, our priority was to deliver a space with an indoor/outdoor feel. The lighting was integral to the creation, so the family could both socialise and be in contact with nature.

When we redesigned this luxury Kensington address, we ensured that the lighting played a key role in the bedroom interior design. Along with the colour schemes, we created rooms that were suited specifically to the people who would be living in them.

Client brief

The first stage in our lighting design process is to meet our clients and discuss the vision for the project and the best lighting solutions considering the budget.

Concept design

Where we present moodboards and conceptual lighting ideas to explain to our clients our lighting design vision.

Develop design

Based on feedback, we develop the concept design. We prepare a preliminary design package with drawings, luminaire specifications and rough costs.

Technical design

After the sign off, we start to develop the final construction package that will include all the technical details from which the project can be built.


Scene settings

We follow the project until the final hand-over to be sure that all the light fittings have the correct setting.


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