Victorian House in West London

Full house interior project

A Victorian house in West London was invigorated with a light and bright aesthetic redesign that brings it up to date for modern living and perfectly aligns with the clients’ lifestyle.

Clever use of lighting elevates the ambience, with colour psychology implemented to appraise an appropriate palette for each room, depending on its function. Yellow was selected for the busy kitchen because it delivers energy, while soft blue hues evoke an atmosphere of calm and relaxation conducive to the purpose of the sitting room.

Soothing neutrals evoke a serene ambience in the master bedroom, part of which the client wanted to use for meditation. A bespoke quiet corner was created next to the garden where the client could relax each morning and absorb the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

That connection with nature was echoed in the biophilic elements implemented throughout the house – in the kitchen, hanging plants are located above the work from home nook, inspired by artwork that is a favourite of the client, while greenery is incorporated in the elegant master bedroom with its statement bath and in the sitting room. The exquisite design beautifully combines traditional and contemporary elements to evoke an uplifting and harmonious scheme.

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